Pack 100 History

Pack 100 is Ballard's oldest Cub Scout Pack, and has been in Ballard since 1938!

Where do we meet?

We meet at Our Redeemers Lutheran Church, 2400 NW 85th St., Seattle, WA 98117.

Parking available in the lot directly west of church.

Our Membership

Our membership comes from a number of different schools and religious backgrounds.  We welcome all boys and girls K-5 to join.  




Each autonomous local Council is chartered by the Boy Scouts of America for a defined geographic area. The council provides program and training aids along the guidelines established by the National Executive Board and the National Charter from Congress. Pack 100 is part of the Chief Seattle Council.  


Our pack is part of the Aurora District, which is sub-division of the council. Like the council, the district is there to support our Pack in a myriad of ways. They hold a monthly meeting called a “Roundtable” which is where they disseminate information, make announcements, and more importantly, to answer our leaders’ questions. They generally also hold some form of supplemental training. It’s also a great place to meet other Cub Scout leaders in our area and share ideas.

Charter Organization

Pack 100 is owned and operated by a chartering organization, Our Redeemers Lutheran Church which “shares values” with the Boy Scouts of America. They sign a contract every year with the BSA to provide the Cub Scouting program. The chartering organization has a representative that approves all the leadership in the pack, and they’re the ones who are the ultimate authority in the pack.

Pack Committee

Internally, the pack is led by a committee chair, who leads the pack committee, which is there to support the program leaders in the pack. They’re in charge of making sure all the paperwork gets done, advancements get submitted, fundraising is conducted, money gets spent correctly, and that all the dens have trained leaders.


The Cub Scout Pack is comprised of individual Dens based on grade level and gender. Each den, is under the leadership of one or more den leader. Den members work on a rank achievement during the year. Once the requirements have been fulfilled, that Scout receives the badge for that rank.


A group of 6-8 boys and girls of the same grade.  Dens usually meet twice a month, except for the week of the pack meeting, and work on advancement, skills, or do activities. 

Den Leaders

The primary leader of your child’s den.  Den meetings are usually set for the convenience of the den leader and families.  Parent participation is necessary for Den meetings to excel.  Enjoy this opportunity!

Cubmaster / Assistant Cubmasters

The Cubmasters lead the pack meetings.  In the case of Pack 100, the cubmaster and the two assistant cubmasters take turns running the pack meetings. The Cubmasters also handle recruiting, program planning, logistics, leader training, and additional tasks identified by the pack committee.