The Pack is made up of multiple Cub Scout Dens based on the youth’s grade level. Throughout the year the Den leaders focus on providing experiential learning opportunities such as field trips, day hikes, learning life skills, camping, community service, and conservation projects. Dens usually meet twice a month and work on advancement, skills, or do activities. 

Lions (Kindergarten)

Den Leader - Amory G.

Tiger (1st grade)

Den Leader - Andrew B., Assistant Den Leader -Mike C.

Wolf (2nd grade)

Den Leader -Emma Y. , Assistant Den Leader - Wynne Y.

Bear (3rd grade)

Den Leader -Caroline P., Assistant Den Leader -Gretchen H.

Webelos Scouts (4th grade)

Den Leader -Ben A (interim)

Arrow of Light (5th grade)

Den Leader -Ben A., Assistant Den Leader -Jeffrey C

After completing Arrow of Light, many Scouts "cross over" into a Scouts BSA Troop.  Many of our Scouts have gone on to join Troop 100 and Troop 827.